While living in Italy we came across a lot of beautiful things, a few of which we acquired.  Furniture, paintings, terra cotta, and ceramics are some of the renowned Italian objects we picked up along the way. Somewhat less renowned, but somehow vastly more important, is the red plastic folding table we bought at a Milan DIY store.

We bought the blessed object for camping, and it has since become so imbued with memories that our kids declare this is the thing they’re going to fight over when we die. Here it is in all its glory presiding over the ‘garden’ at Godzillavilla, where we picnic when we’re there, and pretend we’re living in the villa.

For best view sit here


The Queen of patio furniture

Once Godzilla is restored and has her (dreamed of) stone patio instead of a weedy slope, I suppose we’ll get something more chic to sit on. The red table may eventually be downgraded to service in, say, the laundry area. But it will always be number one in our hearts!