Some time ago, I wrote about my interest in exploring the ins and outs of making adventures, such as the wild and wacky Godzillavilla, a regular part of our lives. Now I’m ready to put that exploration into action in the form of The Practical Woman’s Guide to Living an Adventuresome Life. The Guide has been born from the stories of many women who’ve shared their experiences with me. In its final form it will be many things: a book with exercises and tools for becoming more daring; an online forum; workshops; and the blog linked above. Readers of Godzillavilla will have already seen some of the early posts on this new blog, and some will be fresh to you. 

Godzilla won’t be seeing any new posts until such time as it sells – there is sure to be a story in that! Meanwhile it languishes in the doldrums of Europe’s economy.

Thank you all so much for your interest in Godzillavilla and your many comments along the way. I hope you continue to enjoy and follow my writings on this new path. And keep your comments coming! It’s through sharing and conversation that The Practical Woman’s Guide truly comes alive.

Yours in adventure,