One thing is absolutely certainty when doing adventuresome things: stuff will happen as a result that you don’t anticipate. Good stuff too, not just bad stuff. Godzillavilla is a case in point with its unanticipated, heartwarming social interactions, along with its vastly greater than anticipated sucking-up of money.

When I set out on an adventure, even a little one, I try to imagine everything that might happen. The wonderful and the terrible. But here’s what I’ve found I need to wrap my head around most in order to make any leap:


Rocking Bryan Adams is some scary stuff when you sing like a Bach chorister.

Clearly out of control: jamming with a rock band looks a lot like getting a really bad stomach cramp. But is way more fun.

Part of the fabulous, freeing, life-affirming goodness of adventure is that it shows us we can go with the flow, adapt and cope, and – wait for it – give up some control. A lot of practical people are loath to give up control. I’m one of them. But I’m coming to believe that it’s actually infinitely practical to do so.

Truth is, you can’t control everything, and trying to just saps your energy and makes you a nervous wreck. When you give it up, even just a little, you gain time for more important, fulfilling and useful things. Plus sanity, and that’s a big plus. You learn to roll with the punches, which means every time stuff does happen to you that you hadn’t planned on (because it does), you get better and better at dealing with it –speedily and positively.

I’m liking this idea of the practicality of losing control. I’m finding it quite liberating.