Maybe I watched too many Star Trek episodes as a kid, but Godzillavilla is not even sold yet and I’m already scouring the universe for my next adventure. Think I’d best scale it down a tad given my current circumstances, but life just wouldn’t be the same without some kind of interesting new enterprise to undertake.

I’m not an adventure megastar like the inexhaustible (apparently) author of the Bucket List blog, but I have done most of the daring stuff I’ve personally wanted to do in life, along with being a worker, a mother, a wife, a mortgage-payer, etcetera. Come to think of it, those things can be rather adventuresome, too…but the point is, I’ve managed to juggle. I considered it pretty commonplace, until enough people told me they felt they could never do it themselves. Then I started wondering why. Or rather, why not. And I started thinking, what do adventuresome people do to make their exploits possible?

Yes I was securely tethered but I wasn't letting go of him for anything.

Who doesn’t like to celebrate their birthday by being terrified? I was securely tethered but I wasn’t letting go of him for anything.

Since that little bug started eating into my brain, I’ve been talking with a lot of women, not all of whom are hugely adventuresome, about how they managed to do what they wanted, even when it was scary. A thesis is unfolding from that collected wisdom. It also turns out that clinical psychology studies reflect what successful adventurers have been telling me they do instinctively. The successful ones (as opposed to those who only do things in their minds) simply use tools that others do not. Tools that are teachable and learnable.

That’s what I’d like to explore going forward from Godzillavilla. What makes it possible for a regular, practical person to be daring?

Soon the blog site will move from this one. I hope that many of you who have enjoyed reading about Godzillavilla will stay with me for the next journey. I’ll want your contributions along the way.  Stay tuned!

Yours in adventure,