Given the current chill in Italy – and the fact that Godzilla’s seen more snow in the past week than we’ve had in Toronto all winter – I’ve been giving a lot of thought to heat lately. While Canada is a forced-air kind of place, Italy is more about stoves and radiators, especially given the impenetrability of Godzilla’s walls for installing massive ducts.  Even putting in the tubes needed for radiators involves jackhammers and strong men.

Runtal's Arteplano: each one a work of metallic art

So, while a pellet stove is likely one of the ways we’ll be heating the place, I’ve been amusing myself by checking out all the fabulous creativity that has been going into making radiators look interesting. To whit, the wonderful inventions pictured here.

Caleido's Flora: fun and vibrant

I love the idea of mixing modern with Godzilla’s ancient walls. The fact that some of these might in fact cost more than Godzilla’s walls doesn’t deter me from my cold-weather fantasies! Dreaming is part of the fun of renovating.

Caleido's Pelicano: good for bread, gloves or towels

Tubes' Add-On, modular and extendable

Tubes' Soho: not just chic but super-efficient

Links to the companies that make these rads: