Where to Put the WC


Here’s the challenge, and if anyone has an idea about how to solve it, please tell me: There is only one bathroom on plan for Godzilla, and for a place that sleeps 4-6 that’s not great. A second bath was supposed to go on the ground level, but it turns out we can’t go forward with that floor without completely excavating the existing cement floor to provide the air space underneath that is now required by code.

Main floor existing and proposed. Existing gross bathroom turns into lovely terrace overlooking garden.

Top floor with bedrooms and the mega-bath.

For this puzzle, you therefore have two floors to work with (shown), and a few caveats.

  • The top floor already has a bathroom planned and yes, we could squish two in that space but that would result in two rather sad, cramped bathrooms instead one fabulous one. I’d rather wait to pee than ruin that luxury.
  • The main floor has a space under the stair that we were planning on having as a reading nook, but it could fit a toilet and small sink (with one heck of a view out of the french doors that are supposed to go in there).
  • The main floor also has potential access through metre-thick stone walls into the old torre, but the ceiling height is lower, making this option possible but challenging.
  • A third possibility lies in carving off some space in the planned kitchen. The existing toilet (the one that drains directly into the garden, yuck) is supposed to turn into french doors that open on to the garden, and any other way out is awkward, so it is being removed. Apart from it not being an approved extension in the first place.

So there you have it. Take a look at the plans and photos and let me know if you have any brilliant ideas.

Kitchen looking towards old bathroom to be removed

The planned mega-bathroom

One of the smaller upstairs bedrooms; could these have WCs in them?

Planned reading nook and french doors. Would it be just as lovely as a toilet?

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