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I’m at my sister’s country house in Nova Scotia, a classic old salt box she and her partner have been lovingly bringing back to glory. Yes, it runs in the family. We’ve been having lots of fun talking room plans and extensions and all the endless possibilities.

I’ve been noticing that, besides the obsession with the space itself, the other things that draw them to this place are the same as those that draw me to Godzillavilla: the helpful community, the beautiful landscape, the sense that when they’re here, things move at a different – better – pace.

Classic maritime salt box, with a summer kitchen bunged on the back.

The old barn. Those of you who share an addiction for charming ruins will be falling for this even more than the house.

Inside the barn. It has great acoustics for east coast music nights, a social staple. After a bit of clean-up!

Restored beams inside the house. A huge task.

Part of the grounds – a babbling brook. Very zen.