Just in case you need more photos, here are the windows Luca was talking about in his comment on yesterday’s Windows and Shutters post. They’re from his own place, which he and Friederike painstakingly restored from a gaping void into a beautiful home.

The windows have a nice, soft finish – not too WHITE – and the wood sill brings extra warmth to the look.

It’s important to think about how they look when open, since the outer finish then ‘enters’ the room.

Head-on effect. It’s hard to tell from these shots, but the walls are a much deeper, natural colour than the white windows. So it’s not just a sea of whiteness.

Their house has stucco over the stone, but you can see how they appear on the outside. The window openings are actually a lot like Godzillavilla; very simple.

So there you go. This is Luca’s vote. Any other comments the rest of you would like to add, feel free to confuse me further!