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Not that we actually need to make this decision yet, but it’s never too early to fantasize. This week’s fantasy is finished windows to go in those lovely holes that are waiting for them. The question is window colour and – even further down the road – shutter colour.

We have some restrictions on our house due to its age and the area we’re in, but that’s fine by me. The choices for the windows are essentially white or wood. The shutters can be green, wood, or brown.

Here are a few pics to help you help me:

This is Debra’s chestnut window (from http://bagnidilucca.wordpress.com/). I love this look from an inside perspective.

White windows can look nice and fresh against a mass of stone – although I think the brown shutters distract from that effect. I’m not a big fan of brown shutters.

Classic wood window with green shutters. The green does seem to balance all that natural tone quite nicely.

But then – even with a house that’s shut up – wood shutters are so subtle against stone. This is why I flip-flop about it so much.

This is a terrible shot, but you get to see wood versus green shutters together.

And I throw this in only to show the practicality of having shutters of classic Ligurian construction; they open in multiple partial configurations, like transformers, so you always get just the right mix of breeze and light. Ingenious.