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How gorgeous to walk around our little slice of paradise in the spring, when everything is at its most lush. Never mind that the weather was absolutely dreadful, to the point were we started greeting rare sightings of the sun with all the fervour of acolytes glimpsing God. Fortunately the rain stopped enough for us to take a stroll down our hill, across the creek to our neighbour’s property, and down to the bigger river that rushes through the valley.

One of the lovely things about the area is that nobody gets their nose out of joint if you stroll on their property. We have a ‘public road’ on ours, which is actually a footpath that is barely recognizable even as that. Gotta love right-of-ways in a landscape as beautiful as this one.

Going down is the easy part. Irises on our hillside.

Wonderful rocky outcroppings. Some day I’d like to have a rustic seat perched here; apart from the charm it would be very helpful on the way back up.

All hail the god of blue skies and sunshine, amen!

This is the public road where it crosses the stream to the Schiazzi neighbourhood. No, really. It’s actually marked on a map and everything.

Hay storage looking all secret-gardenesque.

Capability Brown got his idea for English garden ‘follies’ from scenes like this. I like the originals.

A monster ginepre. A great deal of medicinal-grade grappa could be made with this bush. Mmmm.

One of the creeks meets the river, creating a lovely deep, clear pool for summer dunking.

And on down the valley goes the river.