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Since my mastery of video editing is really, really limited, I’ve decided to give you a house tour using stills for now. The house is ‘semi-interrata‘ which means the bottom floor is open to the outdoors on one side, but the earth is built up around the other three. So the original entrance leads to what will be the cantina (basement), which is not really counted as part of the livable house.

Bottom middle door was the main entrance. The door above it will have a wee balcony (it belongs to the reading nook you'll see later).

You can see how the earth is built up around the other sides of the house. To the left, just visible, is the concrete structure shown in the photo below.

And the concrete structure (the old toilet) is being removed so a new entrance, with French doors, can be created. That way we can directly enter the new kitchen from the garden.

Back to the cantina. When you first enter on the bottom floor, this is the main room. In order to make it legally livable we have to excavate the floor, so for now we're just going to clean it up and leave it as general unlived-in basement space.

From that room we go up the stairs towards the living room and kitchen, on what becomes the main floor.

The living/dining room, as seen from the stairs. The partially removed wall will be completely removed in the future.

At the top of the stairs turn left to this bedroom.

Or right, to the big bathroom with the double-whammy view from what will be the shower/bath.

The master bedroom also gets two windows.

The third bedroom is currently accessed through the master, so we're reworking the (massive stone) wall between them in order to be able to get to this room off the hall.

That’s it! I hope this helps you visualize the whole house a little better. Look at the photos along with the floor plans from the previous blog and hopefully you’ll be able to see how it all fits together.