I decided yesterday to go to Europe for a break next week. I looked at my work and personal schedule and suddenly realized that it was possible. Good enough reason for me! My daughter – even more impetuous – decided today she’s coming with me. This is a by-product of having raised children abroad, you create 19 year-olds who want to spend their hard-earned money exercising their global citizen status. I have to say, I kinda like it.

London first, then Milan and down to Varese Ligure. Visiting friends and old haunts and generally reacquainting ourselves with our past.

We’ll be looking at Godzilla with the contractor and deciding what to tackle next. Just the thought of being there lifts me from my day to day and puts me in a joyful space. We rent a little apartment year-round just up the road from the villa, since that is still uninhabitable. Although the apartment is rudimentary at best, it does boast a view out the bedroom window that is the same sky and valley as we will someday see lying in bed at Godzilla. It’s vast and silent. It makes my dreams serene.

I can hardly wait.