Last blog I talked about the massive stone walls that comprise pretty much every vertical in Godzilla. However, there is one wall in the house that’s built of bricks – so of course we wanted to get rid of it. Apart from the obvious satisfaction of exerting our will over the space, it would actually make the difference between having an open space living/dining area instead of two pokey little separate rooms.

One day my daughter Rachel and I were staring at this wall and talking about how great the room would look without it. This was during a ‘non-building’ phase, a frequent state due to the way money traps like Godzilla run short of funds, and we were a little frustrated by the lack of action. It occurred to us that although we had no construction workers or equipment, we did have a tool box. It’s one of those DIY store ‘complete home tool kit’ sets; twenty useful items in a box the size of a briefcase. In it was a ridiculously girlie-sized sledgehammer, with the heft of something you’d use to hammer tacks. A ‘sledgette’, if you will. So naturally we decided to see if we could destroy a brick and mortar wall with it.

You may be noticing a pattern here; I seem to be easily egged on to crazy acts in the company of enthused people. And voila, the result: girlie victory over the living room wall!

Victory is ours

If you want to see a video of this adventure, here’s the YouTube link:

By the way, the music is Zucchero’s ‘Diabolo in me’.

We did stop short of taking the whole thing down, since it does appear to be helping to hold up a massive central beam that is not sitting in the outer wall very solidly. But how good the space looks now, all open and bright.